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Brakes - Accessories

Brake Pads

HPS for Street and Dune Buggy; Black Hawk for Long Duration, Off-Road and Road Circuit Racing; Carbon Metallic for Extreme Racing.  
CNC-1532HPS 4-3/4" HPS Pad Set    
CNC-1533HPS 6" HPS Pad Set    
CNC-1521 6" Carbon Metallic Pad Set    
CNC-1531 4" Black Hawk Dynalite Pad Set    
CNC-1530 2" Black Hawk Pad Set    
CNC-1524 4" Black Hawk Pad Set    
CNC-1526 6" Black Hawk Pad Set    

Hydraulic Throttle Accessories

CNC-1294 Boot    
CNC-1298 Master Cylinder without Bearing    
CNC-1299R In-Line Reservoir only    

Pedal Package Accessories

CNC-1107C Chrome Gas Pedal for #CNC-112CB    
CNC-1111 Rubber Pedal Pad - Small    
CNC-1117 Return Spring for Gas Pedal #CNC-112CB    
CNC-1117-174 Return Spring for #CNC-174    
CNC-1118C Cable Bracket for #CNC-112CB    

Dual Cylinder Pedal Accessories

CNC-1211 Rubber Pedal Pad - Large    
CNC-1215 Balance Bar - Complete  
CNC-1216 Rod End for #CNC-1215    
CNC-1225 Mounting Bracket. for Rev Swing  
CNC-1205S Dual Pedal only – Steel    

Pedal Mounting Plate Accessories

CNC-1231 Cable Extension & Self Lock Clevis    
CNC-1231L Long Cable Extension & Self Lock Clevis    
CNC-1222CT Adjustable Pedal Mounting Plate Kit  
CNC-1222CTL Adjustable Pedal Mounting Plate Kit - Long  
CNC-1222CTP Cable Pin Adapter  
CNC-1228CT Adj. Gas Pedal Mount    
CNC-1232 Foot only    

Slave Cylinder Accessories

CNC-1303 Fitting for Bleeder Screw  
CNC-1304 Bleeder Screw  
CNC-1306 Boot    
CNC-1309 Round Nut - 5/16" - 24T    
CNC-1313 Jam Nut 5/16" 24T    
CNC-1312 Adjustable Rod    

Master Cylinder Accessories

CNC-1453 Flat Lid for Short or Tall Master Cylinders    
CNC-1450S Boot for Short or Tall Master Cylinders    
CNC-1450R Boot for Round Master Cylinders    
CNC-1451F Reservoir Gasket - Flat Lid    
CNC-1451 EZ Reservoir Gasket - EZ Fill Lid    
CNC-1452 Reservoir Gasket - Round Lid    
CNC-1454 Cap - Round Lid    
CNC-1455 Push Rod - 3"    
CNC-1456A Push Rod - 3-1/2"    
CNC-1458 Easy-Fill Cover  
CNC-1459 Pressure Bleeder Lid - Square  
CNC-1459A Pressure Bleeder Lid - Round  
CNC-1457G Clevis & Pin - Gold    
CNC-1457B Clevis & Pin - Blue    
CNC-1457R Clevis & Pin - Red    
CNC-1457X Clevis & Pin - Polished    

Cutting Brakes Accessories

CNC-1402X Knob - Aluminum    
CNC-1402G Knob - Gold    
CNC-1402R Knob - Red    
CNC-1402B Knob - Blue    
CNC-1411G Clevis Pin - Gold    
CNC-1411B Clevis Pin - Blue    
CNC-1411R Clevis Pin - Red    
CNC-1411X Clevis Pin - Polished