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Brakes - Hardware

Spindle Snouts

CNC-1449R Billet Spindle Snout - RH    
CNC-1449L Billet Spindle Snout – LH    

Spindle Nuts

CNC-1448R A-Arm Aluminum Spindle Nut – RH    
CNC-1448L A-Arm Aluminum Spindle Nut - LH    
CNC-1448S-R A-Arm Steel Spindle Nut - RH    
CNC-1448S-L A-Arm Steel Spindle Nut - LH    

Hydraulic Throttle Fittings

CNC-1289 Tubing Coupler  
CNC-1291E Elbow Fitting - Brass  
CNC-1291S Straight Fitting - Brass  
CNC-1292 Sleeve - Brass  
CNC-1293 Nut – Brass  

Brake Light Switches

CNC-880 Metric TEE with Brake Light Switch    
CNC-881 3/16" TEE with Brake Light Switch  
CNC-882 Metric Bubble Flare 3-Way with Brake Light Switch  
CNC-882A Dual Brake Light Switch - 3/16"    
CNC-882M Dual Brake Light Switch - 10mm    
CNC-888 Brake Light Switch  

Brake Line Fittings

CNC-884 Metric 90° Bubble, Fem. to 1/8" Male Elbow  
CNC-885 3/8"-24 Thread Male to 3/16" Female    
CNC-891 1/8" Male to 3/16" Line Female - Straight  
CNC-892 1/8" Male to 3/16" Line Female - 90°  
CNC-894 Adapter Metric Bbl Male to 3/16" Line Fem.  
CNC-896 1/8" Male to Metric Bubble Fem. - Straight  
CNC-897 3/8"-24T Male to Metric Bble Fem. - Straight  

Brake Line Tees

CNC-883 Metric Bubble Flare TEE  
CNC-893 3/16" Brake Line TEE  
CNC-889M TEE - Brake Light - Male 1/8" MPT - 3/16" Line  

Brake Line Couplers

CNC-886 Metric Coupler  
CNC-890 3/16" Brake Line Coupler  
CNC-898 Coupler 3/16" Line to Metric Line  

Stainless Steel Flex Brake Lines

-3 Ends with stainless steel flex line. DOT approved. Available for custom lengths - Special Orders.  
EAR-610312DT 12" Flex Brake Line    
EAR-610314DT 14" Flex Brake Line    
EAR-610316DT 16" Flex Brake Line    
EAR-610318DT 18" Flex Brake Line    
EAR-610320DT 20" Flex Brake Line    
EAR-610322DT 22" Flex Brake Line    
EAR-610324DT 24" Flex Brake Line    
EAR-610328DT 28" Flex Brake Line    
EAR-610330DT 30" Flex Brake Line    
EAR-610332DT 32" Flex Brake Line    
EAR-610334DT 34" Flex Brake Line    
EAR-610336DT 36" Flex Brake Line    
EAR-610338DT 38" Flex Brake Line    
EAR-610340DT 40" Flex Brake Line