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RAZORBACK Racing Frames

Pro Buggy

Chassis are in stock and ready for sale.

The frame has been made using all Chromoly Tubing on our Adjustable Jig

This car is suitable to be used as a 2 seater or a single seater
It's available with two different track widths 2250mm (88'') or 2350mm (92'')
Wheel base is 3200mm (126'')

This chassis has had the following components added
The rack mount has been installed
The Front arm frame work has been added
The Front Arm Mounts have been installed
Front Shock Mounts are fitted as well as under bonnet frame work
The rear lower engine cage has been fitted and Albins Gearbox mount fitted
Rear Arm Mount have been fitted
Body has been fitted Pedal mount has been fitted
Steering column has been made and fitted
Front & Rear Tube Arms are Made (2350mm Track)  


Prices for the Chassis ONLY Start at
Body kit From $2,250
Front Arm Kits are From $2,900
Front Stub Kit POA
Front Hubs POA
Rear Arm Kits are From $2,680 with Threaded Bungs
Or $3,280 with Clamp bungs
Rear Hubs POA
Shocks POA