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Safety Equipment

Crow Safety Belts - with sewn-in pads

F. C. dropped forged, steel buckle with 3" webbing. Harnesses are available in "V", "Y", and 'Twin' configuration.




CRO-11002-P 5-Pt Bolt-in w/Latch Guard Red  
CRO-11003-P 5-Pt Bolt-in w/Latch Guard Blue
CRO-11004-P 5-Pt Bolt-in w/Latch Guard Black
CRO-11005-P 5-Pt Bolt-in w/Latch Guard Purple
CRO-11007-P 5-Pt Bolt-in w/Latch Guard Gray
CRO-11042-P 5-Pt Snap-in, 50" Red  
CRO-11043-P 5-Pt Snap-in, 50" Blue
CRO-11044-P 5-Pt Snap-in, 50" Black
CRO-11045-P 5-Pt Snap-in, 50" Purple
CRO-11047-P 5-Pt Snap-in, 50" Gray
CRO-11052-P 5-Pt Duck-Bill Snap-in Mount Red
CRO-11053-P 5-Pt Duck-Bill Snap-in Mount Blue
CRO-11054-P 5-Pt Duck-Bill Snap-in Mount Back
CRO-11055-P 5-Pt Duck-Bill Snap-in Mount Purple
CRO-11057-P 5-Pt Duck-Bill Snap-in Mount Gray
CRO-11062-P 5-Pt Duck-Bill Bolt-in Mount Red  
CRO-11063-P 5-Pt Duck-Bill Bolt-in Mount Blue
CRO-11064-P 5-Pt Duck-Bill Bolt-in Mount Black
CRO-11065-P 5-Pt Duck-Bill Bolt-in Mount Purple
CRO-11067-P 5-Pt Duck-Bill Bolt-in Mount Gray
CRO-11192-P V-Mount Harness 3x2 Bolt-in Red  
CRO-11193-P V-Mount Harness 3x2 Bolt-in Blue
CRO-11194-P V-Mount Harness 3x2 Bolt-in Black
CRO-11195-P V-Mount Harness 3x2 Bolt-in Purple
CRO-11197-P V-Mount Harness 3x2 Bolt-in Gray
CRO-11202-P Y-Mount Harness 3x2 Bolt-in Red  
CRO-11203-P Y-Mount Harness 3x2 Bolt-in Blue
CRO-11204-P Y-Mount Harness 3x2 Bolt-in Black
CRO-11205-P Y-Mount Harness 3x2 Bolt-in Purple
CRO-11207-P Y-Mount Harness 3x2 Bolt-in Gray