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Beard Seats

Beard Super Series Seats

This is the most versatile suspension seats available. Lower sides make for easier entry. The Super Series have slots for lap, shoulder and crotch belts.
BEA-100 Custom Street Seat  
BEA-200 Custom Super Seat  
BEA-200-A26 Super Seat Black/Black
BEA-200-J30 Super Seat Gray/Gray
BEA-200-G27 Super Seat Blue/Blue
BEA-300 Custom Super Seat – 4” Taller  
BEA-400 Custom Super Seat – 2” Wider  

Beard Ultra Series Seats

The Ultra seats have 3” higher sides and a 3” taller back with a 5-point harness compatibility. Best choice for tough conditions.
BEA-500 Custom Ultra Seat  
BEA-500-A26 Ultra Seat Black/Black
BEA-500-J30 Ultra Seat Gray/Gray
BEA-500-G27 Ultra Seat Blue/Blue

Beard Ultra Pro

This seat has a one piece mesh inner liner and two Pirelli rubber supports that work together to allow the seat to move with you and absorb the energy created by extreme off-road conditions.  
These suspension-style seats eliminate the “bottom-ing out” felt by more conventional seats. It’s built with high-density foam and has a removable bottom cushion. Built for action it is 5-pt harness compatible with external shoulder belt loops.
BEA-650-C Custom Ultra Seat Black
BEA-650-A26 Ultra Pro Seat Black
BEA-650-J30 Ultra Pro Seat Grey
BEA-650-G27 Ultra Pro Seat Blue