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Gearbox Preparation

UN5 Renault 5 speed gearbox

The Off Road Shop specialises in gearboxes and modifying them to suit individual needs. We currently have over 95 gearboxes racing in Australia and South Africa - and soon in New Zealand - with a large variety of engines fitted to them, including:

  • Suzuki 1300 GTI
  • Toyota 4AGE/20V, 2.5L V6, Turbo Celica 2L, Lexus V8
  • Mitsubishi 1600 Mivec, 2L Van, V6 Magna
  • Subaru WRX 2L Turbo
  • Nissan VQ 30 Turbo, SR20 Turbo
  • Ford 2L

We also have a conversion to Kombi bell housing.

The overall dimensions of the gearbox are:

  • Length: 710mm
  • Width: 285mm (with Porsche 930 CV flanges)

The Standard Gear Ratio's are:

  • 1 st 4.45
  • 2nd 2.43
  • 3rd 1.48
  • 4 th 1.03
  • 5th .820 or .868

Ring and Pinion ratio is 5.85

Other features include:

  • internal modifications to make the gearbox last longer
  • the diff centre is a 4 spider setup standard
  • a large variety of aftermarket gears made for the UN5 Renault over the years in synchro gears and dog gears
  • new aftermarket ring and pinions made, and in stock
  • a large amount of second-hand parts in stock
  • all parts are available new ex France
  • gearboxes currently in stock ready
  • we can supply gearboxes as is or complete ready to race
  • we do conversions for most setups
  • supply and fit gears

Prices start from $1900 plus your conversion, gears and type of build, depending on requirements.