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HOWE Power Steering Accessories

HOWE Power Steering

HOW-1000 Sweet Servo
HOW-1000-HF Hi-Flow Control Valve (81088) HOW-1015 Small Control Valve
HOW-1015 Small Control Valve
HOW-7530 Top Coupler - 30 Sppine  
HOW-7548 Lower Coupler - 48 Spline  
HOW-8000 P/S Pump -1300 psi
HOW-8000A P/S Pump, Alum -1300 psi
HOW-8000S P/S Pump - 1300 psi w/serpentine  
HOW-8000TT Hi-Volume Pump with Pulley -Char- lynn  
HOW-8001 P/S Pump, Char-lynn-1000 psi  
HOW-8001S P/S Pump - 1000 psi w/serpentine  
HOW-8004 4-1/2" Pulley - Press On
HOW-8005 5-3/4" Pulley - Press On
HOW-8005S Serpentine Pully only
HOW-8006 2" Howe Ram
HOW-8007 Custom Ram HOW-8008 Reservoir  
HOW-8009 6" -8x-10 Reservoir  
HOW-8010 Reservoir with Filter
HOW-8012 Reservoir w/Filter, 10x12  
HOW-PS-COOLER HOWE Inline Power Steering Cooler
HOW-6FITTING 6 Fitting Con Valve  
HOW-8FITTING 8 Fitting Con Valve  
HOW-TG-REPAIR Race Prep Torque Gen.  
HOW-TG-SEALS Torque Gen. Seal Kit  
HOW-SAGINAW Saginaw Power Steering Box

HOWE Power Steering Pumps

HOW-8002 Coupler for Pump/Fortin Trans  
HOW-8002-F Steel Pump for Fortin Trans - Standard Rotation  
HOW-8002-FR Steel Pump for Fortin Trans - Reverse Rotation  
HOW-8003-F Aluminum Pump for Fortin Trans - Std. Rotation  
HOW-8003-FR Aluminum Pump for Fortin Trans - Rev. Rotation  

HOWE A-Arm Rack/Ram Combos

HOW-8100 Ram Combo
HOW-8100-1 Wide Spread Power Rack
HOW-8100-TT Truggy Rack, 3" Ram Combo  
HOW-8100-PIT Rack Pitman Arm
HOW-8102-1 Wide Spread Reack 2.5 with Servo
HOW-8200 Magnum Diablo Rack & Pinion  
HOW-8202 Diablo/Valve Rack Combo
HOW-8300 Sand Rack Front Steering  
HOW-8302 Sand Rack Servo Ram Combo